Chinese Brands Eye Premium Water Market

指導者 / 總編輯 張蕙娟 摘譯者 / 李佳叡 Posted by Mark J. Miller on August 13, 2012 05:48 PM

Evian, Volvic, and Perrier等高級礦泉水品牌一直佔領著中國市場,但Evian接受多次品質調查後發現,水質並不如他們所稱的一樣純淨,近年來,中國自有品牌漸

漸興起。成立五年的「5100 西藏冰川礦泉水」2011 年營收 6.33 億人民幣,毛利高達79%。但中國礦泉水委員會提到,中國100個主要礦泉水公司大多處於虧損或低利的狀態,主要是因為品牌辨識度及忠誠度不佳。而加多寶集團的「崑崙山天然雪山礦泉水」得到了水界的奧斯卡「柏克萊國際水品大賽」,但尚未表現在銷售成績上,很難知道是市場過飽和,或者品牌塑造、行銷不足。

Evian, Volvic, and Perrier have long dominated the high-end and high-margin water market in China, but things are changing and Chinese brands are charging forward to grab their share. Evian was inspected for quality issues for the sixth time in six years earlier this year and recently announced that it wasn’t clear exactly how the excessive nitrate found in its product actually got there, as Beverage Daily notes. Local brands, meanwhile, are eager to entice drinkers their way.

The five-year-old Tibet 5100 Water Resources Holdings Ltd., a Chinese company that produces 5100 Tibet Glacier Spring Water, “said its revenues in 2011 were 633 million yuan ($99.2 million), up 76 percent from the previous year,” China Daily reports. The company’s gross profit margin was 79 percent, up from 64 percent in 2010. But Tibet 5100 is an anomaly.

According to Liao Lei, secretary-general of the China Mineral Water Committee of the China Mining Association, most of the more than 100 major domestic mineral water producers in China, the majority are losing money or making small profits, and that is partially due to poor name recognition as well as poor brand loyalty. The industry, however, is taking notice. China’s Kunlun Mountains Natural Mineral Water won the water industry’s “Oscars,” the Watermaster’s Golden Award of Excellence at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, this past February. Still, that hasn’t translated into cash just yet. And it’s hard to tell if it ever well with such an oversaturation of companies and lack of strong branding.